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Heal Childhood Trauma

so you can live a life of authenticity, purpose and freedom.


Next program begins on January 9, 2023 

Crystal Currie


You deserve a life:

Filled with Authentic Relationships

Full of Purposeful Decisions 

Free from Childhood Trauma


This program is for you if you're struggling with:


The confidence to take risks.


Discovering your identity and purpose. 


Prioritizing your needs above others. 


Creating and maintaining healthy relationships. 

You've tried many times to leave your childhood in the past, pretending "it" didn't happen and desperately wanting to create a new life.


All of those attempts have failed.


Now you feel doubtful about your direction in life; unable to make important decisions; not showing up for yourself; and wondering if you’ll ever develop lasting relationships.

Crystal Currie

Imagine life, limitless!

Healing from the self-destructive symptoms of childhood trauma is absolutely possible once you apply the framework of the 12-week emotional healing program. It’s the same exact strategy that I’ve used over the past 10+ years to help individuals gain freedom from the bondage of trauma.

Discover how much more fulfilled you’d be once you can:

  • Make decisions without remorse or the fear of rejection.

  • Step outside of your comfort zone and into purpose.

  • Life the life that trauma tried to take away. 

Do these sound familiar?

After counseling hundreds of people on how heal from their childhood, I’ve noticed there are 4 common attributes of those who's trauma is running their life:

You avoid rejection and disappointment.

You are drained from always being there for everyone else.

No one knows the real you.

You don't have many authentic relationships.


The Journey

A 12-week emotional healing coaching program designed to help you uproot childhood trauma and discover how to create a life that feels authentic, purposeful and free

On a mission to help over 100 individuals heal from the destructive symptoms of childhood trauma in 2022

Here's what's inside the program:

The Journey Overview

Course Modules

Module 1


Pinpoint the self-destructive symptoms of childhood trauma and how they are impacting your life.

Module 2


Go through your childhood and unpack the origins of your childhood trauma.

Module 3


Heal the emotional wounds caused by your parent(s)

Module 4


Position yourself to live an authentic life with freedom and purpose.

Module 5


Reflect and debrief on your healing journey so you can sustain your success.



What Others Have to Say

What happens when daddy doesn't choose you?

Meet Deidre and her story of discovering self-identity despite her father's lack of love. 

The messages my mother missed and the mess it caused.

Meet Ashley, who decided to take inventory of her life and pinpoint why things weren't prospering.

How do I build authentic relationships with my parents?

Meet Jonee' and find out why broken relationships from the past sparked a necessary change.

The trauma is showing back up. What now?

Meet Kisha and find out how healing gave her emotional freedom. 


Meet your Coach!

I'm Crystal Currie, a licensed Mental Health Therapist and Emotional Healing Coach dedicated to helping you heal from childhood trauma and live life authentically!

I was born to parents who were 13 and 14 years old in a group home in Charlotte, NC. Just babies themselves, they lacked emotional, mental and financial stability. Childhood trauma followed me into my adulthood; where I struggled to find my identity, find a place to belong, and was in a constant cycle of trying to earn love.

I've been where you are. The feelings of abandonment; parents and caretakers choosing people and things over you; lack of self-worth; being a people-pleaser. I've been there. 

My struggles fueled my passion to create safe-spaces for women to heal from the childhood trauma that had me shackled for many years. I began my therapy career with one goal in mind: help women of all ages and backgrounds find true healing.

Healing from the trauma has opened up opportunities I would never imagine, contributing to me

Now, I want that same feeling and reality for you. Let's go to work!

Lincoln Financial Group
Thrive Global
Enspire Magazine

It's time to take back control.
Here's my promise to you:


A safe-space for you to heal and guidance from a childhood trauma expert.


Practical, hands-on curriculum that allows you to heal at your own pace and make real change.


A supportive community that fosters love and authentic relationships.

I'm ready to make a change. What's my investment?




Budget friendly payment plans available*

Crystal Currie

This is an application based program.

You're a good fit if:

You want to escape the bondage of childhood trauma.


You're looking to build authentic relationship but don't know how and fear rejection. 


You visualize yourself as powerful and purposeful but don't know how to get there. 

You aren't living life authentically and you know you have MORE TO OFFER. 

You are READY and able to make the investment necessary to change your life forever.

Working with Crystal, I was able to pinpoint the root causes of my unhealthy thinking and its connection to my relationship with my parents. Crystal helped me to unpack things I had never spoken of before. I was able to face memories that I previously didn't have the courage to.

Alyssa T.

Ready to heal and take back control of your life?